1991 -1993 (Kicks From The Past)

BD LP 009
Price: 15,50€

Although born in a different place –Germany in the wake of the 90s, the riot of THE PERMANENT CONFUSION was very much like that of our beloved LUCIE CRIES. However their influences are actually more from the English scene, from bands such as THE CURE, SISTERS OF MERCY or CLAN OF XYMOX, which is rather unfortunate if we consider their numerous contemporaries who were unrelentingly and quite successfully releasing synthesized music that was meant to be danced to - admittedly not very daring!

It has to be stressed even more that, within a short time, the band managed to leave behind those too marked influences inherited from their youth and created a more than original and very personal kind of wave, reaching beyond the limits of the genre! More tormented and romantic than their German colleagues –and going against the trend, the band unfortunately never went further than releasing confidential tapes, despite their name spreading outside their homeland. It was thanks to a few potential hits featured on various well-known CD samplers that people expected them to be signed on one of the then famous labels. As was often the case - and quite sadly- neither any contract nor official album came about, so the band kept composing discretely, releasing their works on tapes until death ensued…

Brouillard Definitif is thus more than happy to repair this unjust situation by compiling the best of this combo's remastered works, which –as with many others- were very close to getting official recognition and some more than deserved success.

Limited to 300 copies:
100 copies on black vinyl
200 copies on clear vinyl