Expositions - A Tribute To Charles De Goal


Here is the first time while Brouillard Définitif associates with two other structures being friendly with us: Self Control (Charles de Goal's label) and Str8line Records (No Tears, de Volange, Neutral Project...) to become to produce, release and distribute this following «Tribute» compilation which we're preparing since a long time already. Not only for financial reasons, this alliance is here to confirm the will to get closer many bands/artists claims being fans of Charles de Goal but also bands/artists which answered to the challenge which was, as you bet it, to cover any liked track of Charles de Goal.

«Expositions – A Tribute to Charles de Goal», under CD and ROM (mp3) format, includes 22 tracks covered by 21 international bands whose many ones we know well : Guerre Froide, Trouble Fait', Femme Fatale, No Tears or Dorcel, but also some surprising contributions as this from the dutch band Sophya (ambient) featuring the great Dirk Polak from the mythic Mecano band! Do not miss also the presence of Germans from Synapscape (ant-zen label) – also available on this compilation with their side project The Rorschach Garden. To remind is the unique contribution of Le Jeune Extreme, hidden grandson of Julio Iglesias, in a total opposition to his Establishment, a masterpiece and unavoidable of your repertoire and a must have for your collection!