Für Immer

BD LP004
Price: 12,00€

Already known for an appearance making your blood run cold on the split 7'' "Ligne Froide" - the grooves of which were shared with Saison Froide - the members of Ligne d'Hiver are back with this posthumous mini LP.

Something else to offer? That's for sure! You will be stunned by the different compositions of "Für Immer", notarily the track "Black Monday" already heard on the Leiv Traumas tape released in 1989 on the label Aspect d'une Certaine Industrie.

On account of its surprising adaptation, you can't as well fail to respond to "Trouble" - a mysterious reinterpretation of "Crime Passionnel" featuring on "Ligne froide" 7'' . Though at that time "Walls and Bridges" wasn't recognised as such, it's virtually certain that the track will retrospectively become a 80's-dance-floor hit, which stands as a unique chance for you to catch back that missed hit! Let's not forget the mesmerizing "Pourquoi?" - a track overwhelming you while you're caught by its rhythmics - or the strange "Titihoya" in a Szajner/Ptôse/Illitch's vein. At last the wonderful masterpiece " Deauville " - belonging to a rare genre and which had to be included in this "Für Immer" we're pleased to present you.

Remastered versions of tracks originally recorded in 1987.