Ligne Froide

BD SP 001

One being very frigid, the other being icy, the two sides of this vinyl 7 inch split release will fuel all of your 80’s nostalgia. On the one side, there is Ligne d’Hiver who were a rather dark and previously unknown group that had emerged from the mid-80’s Cold Wave scene in Rennes, France. Their icy and psychotic recordings, which have remained unreleased to date, have now been unveiled by us, and all of this is just for you!

On the other side, there is Saison Froide for who this release marks the first vinyl appearance in the eight years of the project’s existence. Saison Froide is a side project by Flav (of Paris Violence fame) in which he appears to be heavily influenced by Leitmotiv, Odessa as wells as Marc Seberg.

So, two unreleased tracks by each group – soon in your very own hands, this is THE Cold Wave split release which should have already been released 20 years ago!