Auctor Terminat Opus

BD LP 010
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When contrasted against the background of the end of the uneasy decade that the French 80s' cold-wave scene had gone through, Olivier Pacaud stands as a benchmark. Echoing its agony in a barely perceptible moaning, cold-wave sounded to slowly die out.... His strong independence, his integrity in art and his unsensible pugnacity must be praised. With his band LUCIE CRIES, but also through his label ALEA JACTA EST – that stands nearly alone as an islet of resistance and promotion of a scene scorned and despised (or ignored at best) by most of the media, and consequently of an audience that had shrunk more and more, he proved he was determined. Against all expectations he chose to carry on the torch of a declining and clinically dead movement.

For a few years and despite their noble fight was doomed to failure, Olivier Pacaud and his band resisted and kept up the flame and rage as much as they could. They released their own productions that were real a commercial suicide, for a ''dark'' sparse audience that was soon to lose its interest for ''old-school'' tunes (all the heritage left behind by the venerable Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, The Chameleons or others such as Play Dead) and eager to turn to the awakening German ''dark wave'' that promoted nothing more than a fashionable vampire outlook.

At last! More than 25 years after her birth, the cute Lucie is released on vinyl and definitely engraved into memory for the first time ever! We must say we are extremely proud and deeply touched to allow it. The tears of Lucie will keep running down and touching our hearts... Our friend Olivier -against all expectations and thanks to his talent and his refusing giving up- took the best out of his desperate bet and left his print in our lives and in the history of a movement that is true because its heroes are!

Let's the neverending echoing and ravishing call of the muse take over!

Limited to 300 copies.

Double LP on green marbled vinyl