BD MP 001
Price: 12,00€

Finally, yeah, finally! Now we're proud to purpose you our very first « picture record », and even more happier about because this one is consecrated to a cult band from the french scene : NEVA.

This emblematic trio from the scene between 1982 and 1991 was suggesting a music at half way between cold wave and batcave rock. Weird live scenic-performances, minimal but nor minimalistic music, voices from graves, Neva never let anybody indifferent to such point the band was considered as the french « Virgin Prunes ».

They left behind them a discography composed by an unique two-titled 7'' and two tapes, today, requested by collectors from all over the world*. Brouillard Définitif purpose you to discover or discover back this band through this present 12'' – Two tracks from each tape period : « Individu » and « Fausse Conscience », two tracks per face – 4 tracks never edited before on vinyl since nowadays.

* both tapes are edited recently on CD. They are available thru the label "Alone Prod." created by Jacquy, Neva's singer and the actual leader of "Jacquy Bitch's'' band.

Record includes :

- plastic PVC sleeve
- 12' records, 45 rpm, coloured (images on A and B sides), 120 gr.
- remastered tracks by ''Nowhere Studio''


Artwork: Svet_9
Written-By: Neva
Remastering: Nowhere Studio