BD CD 003
Price: 12,00 €

We’ve carried out long research, we have browsed through loads of music archives, we have collected and spent days remastering… and we are now able and proud to present you our last edition, that we have been waiting for so long : a CD by Poitou-based band Odessa.
The band was meant to become a reference, as its local following was strong at the time, and the band was a promising act.
Of course, we knew that Odessa had released a self-produced 7 inch-record, on their own label « Murnau », but then, we didn’t expect to discover so many other gems !!

Some were already available on P2P networks, but others were previously unreleased and they will undoubtedly top many a playing list !
Unfortunately, just as so many bands in the 80ies, they eventually parted, for personal reasons. But hopefully, leaving enough material to allow us to release this long-awaited CD, that will no doubt please all British post-punk and oh-so- Frenchie cold-wave fan.Record includes :

-11 tracks audio CD – jewelcase
-4 pages booklet
-no cellophane wrapping


Artwork – Svet_9
Bass, Programmed By [Tr606] – Vincent Porquier
Drums – Stéphane Brunet, Yannick Cuillerier
Guitar – Eric Gérard
Synthesizer – Simon Thurston
Vocals – Arnaud Dunner