Victoires Prochaines 83-89

BD CD 005

You've wated a long time, and it's finally here! We keep our promises, so this Seconde Chambre release that you waited a long time for, has arrived now!

Not really attentionned of their 80s period, it is now revived and revamped with their come back with this complete wedding production. Seconde Chambre like the Thugs, an other North Western band, has always maintained an unclassifiable genre, a provoctiave immesurably hot, unliked from the cold wave scene from that era. In fact, this band has a unique exciting style. We can correlate sounds ranging from glam-rock to post-punk and psychadelic-rock to garage-rock, but with an exlusive (*hungover) voice that will give the band an original rough aspect.

After all, the style is pleasant to some. This will give birth to their both LPs that genuinely can see the light. We followed several shows and raves until their split was more or less starting to be announced.

A long journey, an enduring story, retraced on this double album, fully remastered, including the chronological LPS "Lord Brain" and "Brisé", and "An Expensive Party". All of that incorporating numerous unreleased and live tracks that cover all the best and more astonishing songs from all the rest!