BD LP 008
Price: 15,50€

In the small country of Luxemburg, SHORT CIRCUIT was an outstanding cultural exception in the '90s. Their music probably sounded particularly alien and anachronistic in the musical landscape of a country which is not well-known for its music scene, let alone its underground one! So, with a bit of distance, imagine what the rare privileged few might have felt like when attending their uncompromising shows! The band offered its scarce public some cold and spectral music, somewhere between the psychiatric darkness of our homeland's TROP TARD and the tormented and deadly sound of the eternal patriarch JOY DIVISION!

With such an approach, it goes without saying that the band had no opportunity to spread outside its homeland and to be noticed, so their few compositions remained nearly private and stowed in the archives of the artists. It remained as such until Brouillard Definitif discovered them and dug them up in order to present them to many more people. The tracks presented are the essential best of those dark unknown jewels and will delight those daring and bold enough to face so much darkness! This is the way, step inside…

Limited to 300 copies on clear blue vinyl.