The Holy Sides [1991-1992]

Brouillard Définitif - BD CD004 - 10,00 €

In the early 90s, two brothers and few school mates decided to form «A Sordid Poppy» refering to Siouxsie's «Poppy Days» and Babel 17 «A Sordid Waste». Their music is always a bit cold but still with some « touching-pop » elements as well as experimental, complex and (then) modern elements. The lyrics are nicely arranged, sometimes surrealistic, sometimes haughty, but always terribly decadent !

Their influences are easy to identify, as for exemple The Cure, Mecano, And Also The Trees, Minimal Compact and especially Bauhaus. The tracks on this CD are taken from the demo tapes « Dehiscence » and « Red Cloud Sessions » + one unreleased track. Thanks to these tracks, at last, we can discover some more about this Alsatian band, unrecognized in France, but so familiar for the elders that have have known the "Great East" and its small alternative scene.


Backing Vocals: Yannick Cador
Bass: Marco Fallacara
Drums, Other [Cracks]: Alexis Boxmann
Guitar: Pascal Tissot (tracks: 9 to 16), Yannick Cador
Keyboards: Renaud Bec
Liner Notes: Vincent Fallacara
Recorded By: Chris (92) (tracks: 9 to 16), Phil (35) (tracks: 1 to 8)
Remastered By: Clive Carlan-Fatan
Vocals: Vincent Fallacara

Déhiscence recorded @ Studio Ebène, Strasbourg, France. (1991)
Red Cloud and bonus recorded @ Red Cloud Studio, Mulhouse, France (1992)
Re-mastered from tapes @ Somewhere Studio, Saverne

(p) 1991 ASP (tracks 1-8)
(p) 1992 Red Cloud Records (tracks 9-16)
(c) 2008 Brouillard Définitif