Worst Of Volume 1

BD CD006

As a mythical trio from 80's northern France, KILLER ETHYL is finally going to exhibit a compilation of their hits. A double event so far, as for the band is the first time to appear on CD format, and the first punk release from Brouillard Définitif label.

Lyrics are perfectly worked and politically uncorrect, an unclassificable music which do not remind any other band. Not a label in the past was able to take a risk givin them any opportunity. Let's discover or remind back their music with that 24 weird tracks providing you an idea what the band was able to be on stage between 1979 and 1990.

You wonder why Brouillard Définitif is going to make a punk release? Fixing borders between any music-genre wasn't from use in the past. What only counts is the underground scene. Killer Ethyl also shared in the past stages with bands like A3 dans les WC, Les Malades, Buzz, Radio Romance or Crise de Nerf. « Raisin Sec », their leader is originary the idea involved in the creation of Après Guerre's 7''.

Listen to their track « J'artourne à l'fabrique », first punk sang in « ch'ti » language (from northern France), « Jesus Khrist », « Henri a le sida » first track singing about AIDS and its mediatic perception in 1985! We are happy to present you such other masterpieces with dadaistic humor : « Vivement la guerre », « Docteurs », or « Profession de froid », also taken from this Worst of...


Engineer: Fred Picquet
Liner Notes: El Rotringo, Jean-Pierre Duplan
Performers: Bambi, Raisin Sec, Tryphon
Remastering: Paul Fiction
Lyrics: Killer Ethyl